Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Elusive 'Cool'

What is cool? Whenever I work out what cool is, it moves. Like a bandana wearing leopard suddenly leaping away into the dark and morphing into cliché. It's an endless chase. Is the word 'cool' cool? Probably not. Should I hang onto it until it becomes cool again? Again, probably not. Are blogs cool? Certainly not. Is fashion cool? Broadly speaking and by definition, yes. So are fashion blogs, cool? It's that grey area where cool could be hiding. Perhaps they now just clichéd? Meaning they were once cool, but then got overcooled and are now uncool. Skulls for instance, was once an integral part of 2007/2008 fashion with the ability to turn an ordinary shirt into an amazing, friend-winning, door-opening wardrobe centre piece. But now every second shirt in supermarkets from here to south-east Asia has at least one slapped on the front.

Somewhere there must be some kind of board that tallies up what is cool and what isn't. Some kind of stock exchange that gains and looses points as things get cool and uncool. Constantly changing and moving yet still keeping a definite record of exactly how cool something is. Today I would have watched in awe as Eminem stocks dropped and Sacha Baron Cohen's drastically rose over last nights MTV Awards. But then again, knowing exactly what is cool probably means is not cool anymore.

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