Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Hannah Raising Fun... and Money

My friend Hannah is putting on a fundraiser and sure, it will be fun, but it's also for a good reason too. Basically, Hannah is skipping country, from dry, clean, safe Australia to the also steamy, dirty and dangerous Cambodia.

Why? Is she that obsessed with Rambo she want to go re-enact some scenes? Are banana prices getting too high in Western Australia? Does she have a thing for stir-fried cat? Maybe some of these are true, but the biggest reason is so she can help empower and heal young girls who have been exploited by the cruel industry of sex trafficking in the wake of massive civil war. Hannah has a massive heart for social justice and will spend a year over there living out of her own pocket.

As a result, she is fundraising by putting on a sweet event which I got to do posters for.

She's also a terrific artist and the art she sells helps her do what she does, so if you want to help her out. Do something you lazy slacker.