Thursday, 4 December 2008

New Portfolio...or a Rehash of My Older One

Here's some samples from current portfolio, which gets changed more often than it gets looked at. In fact, I'd say I change my portfolio more often than my underwear. Which ether says a lot about my work ethic or a little too much about my personal hygiene.

This is an illustration I always slip into my portfolio. Should I find another four hours to draw a better and more recognisable rock star I would.

Here's a page directly out of one of my many portfolio's. The neat layout which I usually go with didn't do justice to the messy spontaneous content. It was like finding a Radiohead song on a  Summer Hitz '08 complilation.

I did this a while back for Youth Alive WA. It was for some t-shirts and matched a CD I did earlier. They actually ended up being silver foil printed on black. Clich├ęd a bit now, but bang on the money back then. I accidentally bought the girls one with a plunging neckline.  

My Website: Propaganda

In an effort to bring a little bit of attention to my fledgling website I decided I would hire a team full of annoying people in red shirts and clip boards to bug anyone who walked past them on busy streets in the centre of town. This must work because they never seem to go way. But, after a little thinking and re-assessing my budget I instead had to come up with two other solutions;
  1. Stand on the corner of a busy highway waving a piece of cardboard around to traffic, or...
  2. Drop little advertisments on every facebook and myspace page I saw saying click here
I chose the second option and, if by chance, you were driving down Ocean Reef Road that weekend a saw a guy getting picked by police with a large chunk of cardboard it must have been someone else. Honest.