Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Kings of Leon

If you listen closely to conversations in stylish bars all over the world, skinny jeaned, black shirted people everywhere seem to be saying the same thing, "Kings of Leon? Use to like their old stuff but now they've sold out". In a way it's true. Nowdays you're more likely to see them stuck to the front of a school girls folder than on a festival poster. And they have started making their music as catchy as an early winter cold, but I'm pretty sure we've all seen it coming.  This pic was done in 2007 and even then they weren't a breakthrough act.  

I figure most people, if offered the chance at being the worlds biggest band, would probably take it. Even if meant hanging out with their brothers all day. Give them a break indie kids, and let them be the inspiration to trailer trash that they deserve to be. I still think they're alright and maybe you should too.

This pic's been getting a fair few hits on my website too...

Monday, 9 March 2009

The New Formula for Cool

The Nu-Rave movement seem to be in it's final death throws as everybody seems to wearing the stuff. Once only a scene for trendies, ex-electro's and Klaxons, now everybody seems to be into it. When your 14 year old cousin starts wearing this stuff you know fashion's done it's full circle. Someone go tell Late of the Pier that they've only got 6 months left of their career as I'm sure fashion's new style is just around the corner. Not literally, I live in Walthamstow, but figuratively I think something new is coming. Perhaps loosely based on hotpants. 

It's also on Threadless if you care to vote...


Our Future

I know, I know. It's a little bit naff. Like I'm some kid who dreams of a better future for my children, having rights to hug whales and live in cities where people all hold hands together. But, it was for competition with that kind of vibe. Plus it was a couple of years ago when I cared about things like being nice and respecting people's rights. Now days I'm more likely to write, "Your Future Smells Funny" or something like that.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Bright Colours and the Constant Changing Forest of Fashion

I remember when bright colours were the new it thing again. Maybe they still are? I'm not too sure any more. Fashion seems to be a vicious cycle that repeats increasingly quickly. Changing more often than the numerous fashion and design blogs that are out there. I've learnt not to thrown anything out because no sooner than it's not cool, it's cool again. I got a flaired Safari suit sitting in a cupboard somewhere. So go ahead, laugh at these now, but just remember tomorrow they'll be cool...and then the day after they probably won't be again.

Another Self Promo Thing

Like the title gives away, this is another self promo thing. This one, like some others earlier in my blog, is to promote my website. Don't know if it actually worked, but I do like them a lot. I tried to make it so when you clicked on them it would go to my website, but instead it sent you somewhere completely different. Go figure. I'm glad I didn't choose a future in web design or I might have been the first person to break the internet.


I did this a couple of years ago. A montage of images and illustrations I'd done. Spent a couple of hours arranging the elements and fine tuning the layers and constructing assymetric paterns and fine tuning the crimson colour scheme. Then, just as I was finished, someone come up and goes, "what's with the Nazi hankerchief ?" Sure enough, I slide my chair back and look at the screen, fold my arms and realise I'm staring at some kind of National Socialist propaganda. As a result, the one on my website looks quite different (link below), but this is the original and one I like the most.