Tuesday, 15 December 2009

I Care Revolution

Apparently getting stabbed, bullied, abused or victimised aren't as much fun as Fiddy Cent makes out in his songs. Luckily, some bright young sparks have picked up this and want to do something about these sorts of issues in London and the UK, please welcome to the stage, the I Care Revolution.

No, the
I Care Revolution aren't a bunch of colourful, fuzzy bears who solve problems but blasting light from their tummies, but instead a group of young, talented, focused fellas and ladies who think that doing something is good idea. Working mainly in schools using music, media and their good looks, the team are really starting to see some headway in changing some mindsets about the way teenagers treat each other. It's something I would like to become a lot more involved in.

Now you may think what's a bunch of young punks in London got to do with me, but I metaphorically encourage you at
knifepoint to check out their some of their short films and their website, which are so cool you could keep a side of beef fresh on them for a month...