Friday, 22 May 2009


When I was a kid, I really wanted to call the Ghostbusters. I was pretty young and from seeing the movie I couldn't quite work out if they were real or not. I mean, the ghosts looked real, then they had the newspapers and all the publicity on the movie. So I thought that was real. And then, at the end they have them doing a parade through New York with all the people celebrating. All this added up to it being real. One hundred percent real. I just figured that sort of thing didn't happen in our city.

I never worked out the difference between documentary and film when I was young. Cartoons I knew weren't real, but live action film? Who knows? I had the same problem with Degrassi High. Are these actors or are they stalking kids with camera's. Sports films I often thought were real too and I really hoped Doctor Who wasn't real. But at least I knew Wrestling wasn't real. 

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