Wednesday, 20 May 2009

More Newish Stuff

Here's some more new stuff. I'm pretty tired, so I'm not gonna write much. If I could I'd love to update this blog daily but I don't have the time or desire to loose anymore sleep. No brief for the above work. I seem to come up with my best stuff that way. I find trying to be creative and also pay the bills similar to an endless spoon and egg race with no finish line.

It's a piece that looks at WWI trench warfare and was inspired by a lot of the history I've read on the subject. It's all pretty sad, realising thousands of people like you and me threw themselves at each other and machine guns and artillery in areas that are now empty fields around Europe. Each person had a real life, ambitions, dreams and a family somewhere and all that came to mainly unrecorded ends miles away from where they actually lived. Sorry to end on such a sombre note, but I think it's actually worth stopping and thinking about that.

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